Candlelight Of Lust

The candlelight, that burns forever,
Surrounded in darkness or light, lust that flares inside wherever,
Sexual satisfaction, inflicted on humans whoever,
The journey through sexual pleasure, the most pleasurable endeavor,
The candlelight burns forever burns throughout life,
The firery yellow flame, that projects through eyes of delight,
The candlelight, that shines forever, through the darkness of the night,
Sexual intercourse, the flame that shines in plain sight,
Such a wonderful feeling, the most pleasurable to humanity,
An escape from the unjust world, the sexual fantasy,
The candlelight, the lightbulb in the mind, on the edge of sanity,
The light that guides the path away from all vanity,
Lust, the instinctive form of physical emotion,
The unsealed bond between two people without devotion,
Sexual satisfaction with high tension of notion,
The candlelight burns, even when the wind blows,
The phenomenon between love and lust, that was coined long ago,
A mystery in a two piece puzzle that no one will ever know,
The candlelight in the darkness that forever glows,
Sexual fantasy, the emotional bond between two,
A beautiful nature, frowned upon in society as a form of taboo,
An addictive nature, the constant fantasy to renew,
The best feeling of human pleasure, beyond what’s true,
Lust, the momentum pushed by sexual desire,
An equal partnership in happiness, the path to acquire,
The candlelight the glows everywhere with the tip of fire,
That lights up the horizon of the sea of dark desires,
The phenomenon of lust, the human instinct hardwired,
The candlelight, also correlated with nature around Earth,
Sex linked to the creation of birth,
The aftermath of sexual pleasure, the high degree of mirth,
Something humanity will never know, the fine line between lust and love,
Weather it’s the manipulation of sexual pleasure, or the connection to the beloved,
Nymphomania, the candlelight I speak of.

by Kurt Kacich

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This poem is on here twice, this is the right version and sounds good sung.