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Scottish Melody
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Scottish Melody

Where is the land i knew so well-
The rolling hills of green?
'Twas it but a memory,
A quickly fading dream.

The waves kissed a rocky shore,
The gulls cried and swirled above,
And I could not have wanted more,
Than to be with my bonnie love.

O her bright eyes shone,
Her hair danced on ocean breeze,
And over cliffs and dunes we'd roam,
'Till sweet wildness, my heart would please.

We danced the glistening shores,
Of mind and inner-time,
And when she said 'I'm yours, '
I held her close and made her mine.

And now the land I knew so well,
It tries to live within the mind,
And the beating heart does tell,
That again 'tis mine to find.

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