(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)


Scrapbooks are a collection
Of photos from the past
They point out that nothing
Will forever last

But if we have a photograph
Nestled in a book
We can always take the time
To take a little look

Following ourselves from birth
Is such a lot of fun
It doesn’t take a lot of time
Even when we’re on the run

And someday you can show
Your kids and grandkids too
What you looked like back when
You didn’t look like you

So enjoy this little scrapbook
I hope it will be one
Of the treasures passed down
For generations to come!

I wrote this poem to add to several scrapbooks
I'm making for my kids and grandkids.

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Marilyn, Looking at all the old faces I have in mine I sometimes wonder what they look like now. I have some old class photos and in one of my favourites I met one of the ladies in it this year after fifty years. The great thing was we knew one another immediately as if we had only seen each other yesterday. As we hugged the fifty odd years since we last met vanished in a second. I have more photographs now of her and her family. More memories for my scrapbook for years to come. Top marks and thanks for sharing this my friend. Hugs David
Great job Ma'am... wishing your children & grand children a beautiful trip down the memory lane. Wish you a very sweet success in your endeavour. A sweet 10.
'What you looked like back when/You didn’t look like you'! Brilliant, Marilyn!