Scratched And Muddied

I have often heard it said to me,
I should not base my negative opinion...
On what a few nasty people have said to me,
Or about me and to others who have accepted...
Those comments made intentionally.
Especially those made over the many years,
And at my expense directed.

And usually someone will come along,
With eyes beaming bright unaware of the history...
Who will say,
'People are like that all over the place.
You should not take what people do to you personally.'

And I look down at my feet.
And at the shoes I wear.
With this comment I will make...
'How often have you worn my shoes?
And when was the last time you shined them,
When they became scratched and muddied? '

Then I leave cordially.
I dislike it when someone associates me,
With the killing of their fresh and glowing enthusiasm.
I like to keep my 'veteran' status undetectable.
And for as long as possible.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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