Scratches Of Illumina

she paved the way for brilliance
as i melt with insignificance
with eyes and stares shadowing my path
a slight chill of a passing glitch
as i turned sideways
to see nothing.

as midnight came crawling in the afterworld
slow as dust with the reposing wind
as the twilight enraptured within
placid and longing.

abet me to forget the pain
to learn invulnerablility;
with your mystic grip
touch me -
shield the antagonists away
beneathe the sun's unclouded light
taking over, conquering.

wanting to look beyond
i gaze with drenched eyes
and came to realize -

your presence, your beauty,
will forever remain..
and in death you still create
new roads -
growing, strengthening.

la nature morte en un peinture...

you are the still life in my painting,
in my picture,
in my eyes..

in my being.

© 12.14.05

by Velvet Astraea Dido

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Wonderfully uplifting work Velvet. I love it and can't get enough myself. 10 from Tai, flat on her bottom, crying out loud