JG (10.31.86 / Attleboro, MA)


remind yourself that you are alive.
it ever haunts you,
the hopeless darkness of the maze you find yourself in.
feel the strain of your throat,
the pain that you force on yourself
to remind yourself that breath is life;
love is not.
gouge out your eyes;
they are useless here in the dark, anyway.
they have nothing to offer you now,
but the endless, boundless darkness of your prison without walls.
hear your voice ringing in your ears,
hauntingly empty,
as you are empty.
losing all senses in the sound itself alive.
the hopeless,
the careless,
the lifeless,
scream out their existence,
living without blood or breath-
you have become one of their morbid number,
not tied to life or love,
but to your empty body,
which you can neither see nor feel.
scream as they do,
for you are now one of them.

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