Scream For Silence

Hear my words through my lovely hands,
The sound of silence of this gory land;
Deafen us not with your violent guns,
Treat us not as a homeless vagabonds.

Hear the song of my heart straight to yours,
Open your heart as wide as heaven's door.
Unchain our feet and let us move freely,
Uncover our eyes from the truth that we must see.

Let the sleepless infants sleep in the silence of the night,
Let the mothers sing a soulful lullaby,
Wipe our tears that showers the bloody ground,
Draw us grin in our faces and cast sway our frowns.

Let us dance with melodies of love,
Wash this land that has been stained with innocent bloods,
Let the sun shine our gloomy faces,
Help us find ourselves in heavenly bliss.

by Juneil Sechico

Comments (2)

such a beautiful piece..two thumbs up to you...
A true heartfelt appeal versed and rhymed very well. This is an example of well thought-out and sustained subject matter Juneil. It has my ten without a doubt. Please go carefully over spelling errors if you can and edit because this piece is worth it. Best wishes Fay who is a GAL by the way - not a fella....! Ha ha.