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Scream Of Salvation
HAJ (21 may 1965 / kuwait)

Scream Of Salvation

why the leaving?
why you left me alone?
where are you going to... why the leave?
aren`t we happy..?
are we in love...?
why to leave? , my all life between your hands..
why you don`t forgive me..?
why you can`t forgive..

i informed you about my regret
many times and times..
what i can do more..
how i can live without you
and how i can put you out of my feelings...
and how to go without you...

i am so craving and sad
and how wish to be this sad to disappear..

now i have nothing..just my dreams..
and your coming back became impossible..
then i release SCREAM of salvation,
just to know that i never forgot you....

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