Scream The Silence

Scream for me just one more time,
Scream the silence,
Scream the lie,

Force the bloody knife inside me,
Make the pain shoot down my spine,
Drown me in my sea of misery,
Just forget the unwanted child cries,

You say darkness consumes,
I say darkness is great,
you say your heart has been used,
I say mines gonna break,

The hiss of the snake,
the sting of the venom,
she threw herself into the lake,
shes always tried to tell them,

Just don't listen,
Just ignore,
It doesn't matter,
she's just a little wh0re,

Daddy's a convict,
Mommy's a catholic,
Baby's an addict,
And she's in a casket.

by Jhanus Thanatos

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