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Screaming Earth
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Screaming Earth

We need to save our planet today!
Before it dies and withers away.....
Stop giving it so much pain
For once please use your brains! ! ! !
We all must unite
And fight for what is right!
Earth will never be the same
If we all think of it as a game
Plant trees, incinerate and recycle trash
Before earth becomes a pile of ash
Trees, plant and flowers will go away.....
If we don't live in a sustainable way
We must save animals, whatever big or small
They are still a part of nature after all!
People too in return will suffer
If something isn't done sooner or later

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Comments (4)

great poem and a greater message.
Sajjad, Your poem is great but however the earth will keep on going no matter if humans are here or not. The earth shall not die and only the inhabitants; will correct that statement, the earth shall perish about 5,000,000,000 years from now, give or take a few hundreds of thousands of years; providing the earth should not encounter a planetary size asteroid to knock it off its axis. You have good writing techniques and keep up the good work.
We must save animals, whatever big or small wonderful reflective poem, well expressed ideas to convey the message 10
a strong message delieverd through simple words... truth presented at its best great work! ! !