JA (november,23 1988 / guatemala city)

Screaming Silently

I scream at the top of my lungs
but no one hears me.
I cry alone in the dark but
no one knows.
I walk silent in the hallway
and no one sees me
The pain deep inside grows
and grows.

The tears flowing down my
cheeks go unnoticed
The pain behind my eyes
never show
The people around me all
ignore this
They all would just rather not know

But the pain deep inside doesnt
go away
In the back of my mind its
still there
Why can I cry out loud today
And yet, still no one seems to care

The ones who 'love me' most
dont want to hear it
Even when i tell them, they
just brush it aside
So it forces me to try and
hide it
No one will ever know just
how much i cry

They say that they want to
be there
They say that they hate to
watch me cry
They say that they truely
and deeply care
But why does that seem
like such a lie?

This pain is something to
hard to describe
And why this happened
I'll never know
I just have to keep this
feeling deep inside
Its not to hard to make
sure it doesnt show

Who knows, maybe one day
someone will hear my cries
Someone might take away the
paind and all the rest
Someone who might see the
pain behind my eyes
Sad thing is... I'm not holding
my breath

Poem written by: Cristin upchurch dear friend of mine.

by julio anzueto

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someone will hear your cries and wipe your tears away..... think positive my friend.... the reason why we appreciate the diamond is because there is a black cloth behind..... the reason why we know the brightness of the painting is because of its dark parts..... anyway, poem well expressed