DZ (10/21/93 / California)

Screen Saver Of My Heart

1. I wish you realize
the kind of pain i've been through
every heart that broke mine
and you don't see me
the way I see you
she'll never be good enough for you
or anything like me
she can never love you
like I wish you would let me
ohh, yeah
Chorus- so wake up and smell the rain
you hear that thunder?
that's my hear beaten faster
you're everything and all I think about
there's a picture of you on my phone
it's my screen saver
you might as well be the
screen saver of my heart
there's a dream box
on my top shelf
there's a pictire of you and me
on our black couch
our fingers wrapped tight
arms all around me
yo u were wearing your heart on your sleeve
but not as much as me
so much smiles then
and all that's of me is your
memories and my tears

[repeat chorus]

3.and every once in a while
i'll take that picture out
and admire all the times we had
never dreamed it would be this hard
but as I look at your picture
it becomes all to blury
so i fold it up and put it back
and let the tears flow from eyes

[repeat chorus]

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