Screened For Updates

When a lie initially told,
Is supported
With followup addendums...
For clarification purposes.
Does the affect of it,
Become more credible overtime...
Eleminating the cause to pause,
For plausabilities?
Or subjective doubts!
Once it is understood,
As a lie.
In its entirety.
And totally removed,
From the suspicions of reality!
To impact those accustomed to thinking!
Those familiar with the process of thought,
And deductive reasoning!

Now that it is packaged...
And complete in its deceptive content.
Prepared to withstand scrutiny.
And then...
On the other hand,
Should the teller be forgiven,
For not offering an apology
That all lies told in the past,
Were not screened for updates...
Prior to their public exposure?

It would seem a savings of time,
And a waste of this mindless logic...
If those responsible for reviewing lies,
Were held accountable for their effectiveness
As they were being check for flaws!
From the very beginning of their creations.
And evaluated based on the believability
Held in sincere eye contact made by the speaker!
The one 'elected' to deliver them...
Without muscle twitches!
Only then can an abundance of lies meet with approval!
And told over and over again...
Generating the expected applause they are given,
By those devoted to every delusion conceivably embraced!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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