Screw Jazz Fusion

today I stumbled across something, quite, harrowing
I met a man, underground, he had tapedeck and sax'
All of a sudden, out of nowhere, an eruption of sound
I was bemused, puzzled, I asked what this was,
He looked at me, and said '...jazz fusion', so coy, so proud
I stared back at him, glassy eyed, drip from a corner lip
Jazz fusion, I piped up, inquisitive and genuine
Jazz fusion, he retorts, content, near salivating
'discuss', eyebrows lifted, I quizzed him again
deep breathe was taken, inhaled like his last here on earth
'an improvisation of jazz, a smattering of rhythm
or grooves, and an electronic rock shaker', he fired
off, with dry expression
I looked back, dumb founded, jaw open to the gulls
And all I could think was, 'screw jazz fusion'

by Chris Bending

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