SP (9th December 1987 / London, England)

Screw Reality

Screw reality.
That is my specialty.
I reject its artificiality.
Tell me to follow orders.
Tell me to stands in line.
Tell me to get a job,
And everything will be fine.

Am I the only one that sees?
Am I the only one that tries?
To make everyone hold their tongues,
To end the constant stream of lies.

Parents, teachers, doctors, nurses;
Ignore the warning signs as dead go by in passing hearses.
Even the president of the U.S of A,
Says everything is just A OK.
While sending people to die in a war with no reason,
Action in my mind should be held as treason.
Against people in general,
And a lot who died didn’t receive a proper funeral.

Reality sucks,
You disbelieve me? For example look at Starbucks.
Who needs three coffee shops on one street?
Paying crazy prices while the homeless die among our feet.
And the people who grow the beans that make the coffee.
Get pence for their work, less even, toffee.

We live in a world of scum.
Where the bad out way the good.
People care more of what’s outside then in.
Everyone’s trying to get to Hollywood.
Nine year old girls with skirts up to their earlobes,
And tops tight enough to kill.
With peado-pop groups on every channel.
Gives every dirty old man in the area a cheap thrill.

The was a man recently on TV,
Who intently gave two women H.I.V
Why are people always surprised to see,
Don’t they realize that people like this will always be.

Mum and dad we need to have a talk about the facts of life.
The thing is that people longer make love but have sex so much that instead of condoms they buy a midwife.
And little Tommy isn’t a sweet little boy he’s twelve years old and carries a knife.
Which his parents agree too, it makes, him safe, it makes him a man.
Till one day Tommy needs some money, kills for five pounds, some persons nan.
Now Tommy’s parents got a fine for his murder,
Though Tommy should be in jail.
Unfortunately there’s no longer any justice, it’s all gone stale.
Burglars sue victims.
The police are racists.
Football hooligans start riots on whims.
And kids sort out arguments with their fists.

So excuse me if I want to be deluded,
But reality is something I don’t want to be included.
In the winter time with sun instead of frost,
I tell you in the human race everybody lost.

by Sam Price

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Love it, live it! Here's to escaping reality, Moyaxx