Screwdriver Autopsy...(Humor) *

'You are the love of my life...first, and last, husband.
We'll be together till the end of time...
I'll wash your Gold Wing Touring bike.'

'Didn't know it was dirty.
What's the screwdriver for? '
'Those hard-to-reach places.'
He bought the truth...but, I held Aces.

You never run a bluff
On the 'clean-up' batter.
Don't 'call' her hand...
She'll show you what's the matter....

'I'm taking the car...
Bike won't start.'
'Okay. Maybe I
Washed the wrong part.'

'What part, Lover? '
'All those wires.
I unscrewed
The engine cover...'

Three days' vacation
That Gold Wing sat and had.
Touchdown for the Home Team! ! !
Ain't that just too damned bad.

by elysabeth faslund

Comments (3)

Haven't rode a bike in almost 20 years and I still cringe...yet, I have to admit ~ it was a funny write. Zen
There is definitely something of the 'tomboy' about you Elyzabeth. Bet you had brothers. And yes, this is very witty tale and hints at much much more in the 'love of my life' relationship than superficial incident you describe with such archness Strong piece from a strong lady. Very funny. love, Allie xxxx
This is just too damned good! I'll give you The Touchdown plus the extra 'kick point.' way to go LizBeth.~~marci. :)