Screwed To Bits

Being alone is not half bad
Once you've been 'I.D.-ed'
Crazy and mad!
And watching others go into mental fits.
Trying to prevent themselves,
From denying what they can't admit!
That you have seen something,
They now know is 'legit'.
And they attempt not to look at you...
When you have already handled it!
Knowing in your heart how you knew,
That they would be screwed to bits!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (2)

Hi Lawrence, I don't believe in judging someone unless they murdered someone or whatever. I believe we all individuals and we all have our moments. We all have skeltons in our closets. People are far from perfect, and we all make mistakes. Take care Excellent poem.
once in a while, we do screw ourselves to bits.