Scrutinized As Being Abusive

It is accepted as entertaining,
With a paying for violence.
And yet the abuse of its after effects,
Upsets those wishing...
A rehabilitation cures with a doing,
That protects an agreed upon acceptance of it...
By criminalizing the ones that are selected,
As not doing their best,
To keep hyprocrisies hidden.
With a doing not to have their personal lives,
Scrutinized as being abusive to their spouses.
You know...
The wives, the lovers and/or 'innocent' others.
Since THIS...
Is not regarde as asporting event,
Away from the cheering of crowds...
In stadiums where violence is allowed.
To be done with it done to appall.

And a doing it for 'free' is not considered to be,
Reflective of an accepted social etiquette.
'Not today.' Say those in viewing booths.
And deluded with self righteousness.
Those taught to be violent and with it done to be paid,
Must know how to abide and where to apply such rules.

'Is it at all possible,
If those we teach to be violent,
Can be taught to adorn suits and ties 'First'...
Before they feel the urge to abuse anyone?
Something has to be done to protect our values.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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