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You know those scufflers in school that just do the
minimum amount of work to pass the class? Well, I
think it’s true in church too. Some people want to do
just the minimum to get into heaven. It’s like they
have an attitude of, “Okay, okay, I love Jesus, can I
go now? ” See, not everyone wants to be a little wind-
up doll marching around mechanically citing verse
and droning on about Jesus this and Jesus that. They
believe in Jesus just enough to get their hall pass to
heaven, but they also want to live life. They want to
take deep breaths of mountain air, speed on an empty
winding highway in a sports car, dig into a rare filet
mignon, blast a Beethoven symphony on the stereo,
masturbate to a nice porno video - you know, really
embrace life to the fullest.

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Ha! I like irony in those last lines - embracing life or, err.. something, anyway. -chuck
Nicely put Prof. Not as well structured as some of your pieces in this series, but well enough to make this a very good read. I like how you are avoiding ranting it speaks volumes for your talent my friend.
Actually...it's sin all you want...just don't get caught with your pants down.
Hey Prof, this reminds me of vegetarians. There aren't just vegetarians, there are degrees of them. Real ones, lacto-ova, I just eat chicken, fish ain't meat, unfertilized eggs, but the real ones are called Vegans. Then you have the ones who wouldn't wear a leather belt if their pants were falling down. Go figure. But then I suppose that's the way for everything. Each to his own. Good write, funny stuff.
pray on sunday, sin on monday.
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