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Sea Captain
RR (October 10,1947 / San Antonio, Texas)

Sea Captain

Poem By Roland Ruiz

Remember when the days were young
And you were not so old

The sea was all you knew and loved
The mast, the sky, your home

The stars, the wind, the mist and fog
The wild sea by night

Did dance upon your every thought
And gave to each delight

But now you sit upon the land
Without a ship at your command

With only thoughts of a bygone past
You sit and wish the years were young

And you were not so old

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Comments (2)

I really like this, but I am not sure if you meant Ziegler, the cartoonist, the opening lines would suggest it is. If so I am not familiar with his work, perhaps that is for the best. Whoever the dedicatee, this is a stunning work. I look foward to reading more of your poetry.
great use of metaphor, the boat as a vessel as a body.......'maybe lay upon the land ' rather than sit....signifying lying interned.........danced instead of did dance.........but these suggestions taken with a grain of salt makes this a no better poem than it is.....a good and image and emotion evoking poem which made me think of sailing and aging as one thing.