Sea Deep In Darkness

I've been trained to kill!
Of course.
That's the idea...
When one joins the military.
To conform to protect and maim,
Total strangers.

We weren't trained to have mindsets,
To bake sweets to eat.
Or stand at attention...
To drip with sweat,
In soaring heat.
Not complain about crumpets!
Or who with lunch to meet and greet..

I set out to stop the enemy.
Young and programmed,
I did not accept defeat.

I wanted to stop the enemy from ruining my nest.
I wanted to let the enemy know I was a patriot!
An American at my best.

But it seems so many are sea deep in darkness.
Wanting gifts and trinkets...
Treasured as they disrespect.
And those who sought to keep them safe,
Are shown a rusting of neglect.

A need fulfilled has been digested.
A loss descends from light!
And that has been...
On the surface,

Where life is found now seems infested.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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good write lawrence sir