Un-Elected Weasel

An un-elected weasel, is running loose in our ranks;
Giving away our gold, and propping up the banks;
He’s reaped our taxes, and pillaged our pensions;
And he thinks he’s done it, with the best intentions,
And to make matters worse, he really wants our thanks.

by Brian J. Stafford

Comments (34)

best read when standing at the harbour looking out to sea...
This poem is so energetic. Gotta do something. Gotta do something.
Blows up my emotional thermometer. I love this poem soooo much.
My all time favorite Nautical. It has the smell and the sound of the Sea. All its attraction and Beauty!
I learned this and other poems whilst at Secondary School (1952-1956). This was one of the poems that our Eng. Lit. Teacher enjoyed reading to us, so we could get the meter of how to read poetry. The audio of this poem is PATHETIC, so just read it how you like it to be read.
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