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Sea Forest

Jack stood there with a grin inching
His ears as teeth gleamed like pearls on black hair.
He was back with his first love, sea forest
And the brook began gossiping.
Wind wagged a finger scolding
Shielding his lug with leaves scurrying -
Caterpillars bell flowers
In carnivorous silence,
Waves crane necks sweeping the beach clean of prints.
An asphalt track trucks through brambles,
Stops, and dribbles at the water's edge;
Then through a crack of thunder rain falls
In indents inking his page with dirty
Fingers. Parched bamboo lips drink and bow
Heads thankfully in prayer and palms praise them
With clasped hands. Sun steams the rain
In vapours high with eagles soaring
Surveying their kingdom of blood and bones.
Time, like destiny, waits patiently….
Parrots scream, doves complain
And wings of seagulls sing with salt;
But etched in his cell, Jack carries
Those sights, those sounds, those smells,
Those yesterdays, those bygone yesterdays….

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In vapour high with eagles soaring measurement for new destination is done. Time likes destiny. We wait patiently. Nature is interestingly perceived in mind. Amazing sharing is done here.10