Alter Ego

The voices call my name, but the person is one I’ve never seen,
But the vision so beautiful, the vision inside a dream,
That voice of the alter ego calls my name, that alter ego I can’t see,
From outside my darkened cell, the voice is outside, but inside my dream,

Inside the cell I reach for the only window I can find,
But inside the cell so dark, I still hear the voice but I’m blind,
To reach paradise confined in my cell seems so unreachable because I’m paralyzed,
In the deepest debts of depression for me to struggle the prison system is designed,
That voice of that alter ego is begging me to escape, louder and louder it cries,

As I was about to forfeit, I lay down and roll back my eyes,
I lay down and imagine that place more vividly, and I realize how easy it is to get outside,
Magically the cell turns into the grass of green and the beautiful blue sky,

Then suddenly that voice that once tormented me vanishes in the soothing breeze,
In the majesty of paradise around me so vividly is what I see,
And till this day I’ve wondered, that voice so familiar, but who could it be?
But I’ve found the answer, I’ve realized it was my conscious setting me free.

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