MH (03/3/1988-\ / Salem, OR)

Sea Of Faces

Ten million people each with their problems
Why should anyone care?
They would only stop to gawk or stare
I see the city lights all around me
Everythings obscured
The pain I have cannot be cured
All alone in an ocean of beating hearts
No time to visit crowded streets and marts
Lost in a sea of faces

No television shows or holidays can save me
I am a man no one needs to see
My fate has been sealed for many years
My body decays and answers fears
My cancer is total and eats at my brain
Before long I shall not be sane.
To my distress, I have no friends
No places to go, no people to see
The embrace of a friend is long forgotten
My past has been twisted and rotten
Now I look back to see all that I am
Lost in a Sea of Faces

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Comments (6)

The opening thre lines drew me in right away. Great read I felt like I was there in the crowd just behind you.
I really enjoyed reading this. Well organized and developed. I like what your getting at. Great read.
I like this, especially your second stanza. I like the idea of cancer eating one's sanity; that's a really strong image. Well done.
Very good imagery. I love the line 'All alone in an ocean of beating hearts'
Life can most definely be a sea of faces. Good imagery. Hugs Jan
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