Sea Of Lost Dreams

And she stood on the edge...
Looking down, as the water crashed
On the rocks below.
And tears slid down her cheeks
As her soul, heavy with pain,
Cried from so deep within.

She stood on the cliff..
Overlooking her world.
And she wondered,
How this life
Could cause such suffering.

The moon lit her face
And the stars twinkled so bright,
Reaching down...touching her
Trying to bring her back to life.

But her night grew only darker,
And she felt such isolation.
Alone and frozen..
In this time,
In her world.

Trying to understand..
Through a clouded heart,
Why she'd become so lost and weary.
But knowing,
An answer was not to be found.
And she longed
For the woman she once was.

She closed her eyes,
And drifted...
So very far away.
To dreams lost,
But never forgotten.

And she lay on the rocks...
Silent and broken.
Her beauty and grace,
Swallowed in the night.
As the sea moaned
At her tragic demise.

by Terry Biscamp

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Beatiful poem its truly a well writting peice
beautifully written! !