Sea's Cry

I went down by the river side,
The place where streams meet tide;
To view the waves of the sea,
As in sighs Ocean called to me.

She told me of her many years,
Of man’s love for her and his fears,
Of parable of pirates and ghosts,
Of man’s pranks and his ghastly Hoax.

Of her of making the deadly winds,
Then of her feelings that she sinned;
Each time a great ship she sunk,
And deep within her it stunk,

As rotting flesh withered away.
Crying; she held her breath in delay.
With beach wiping her tears she said,
‘Because of me, many are dead;

I never meant their time to end,
I was waving hello - being a friend.
I was just trying to have some fun;
I honestly thought they’d return.

Now many men are afraid of me,
Saying I have monsters and Jumbies;
So no longer on my shore they abide;
Dreading my going and coming tides.

Can you please tell this to men for me?
Tell them I miss them all so dearly,
Tell them I sit here waiting at bay;
For the moment they return to play.’

Copyright © 2009 Leslie Alexis

by Leslie Alexis

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Leslie alexis nice poem I enjoyed it