1002 Russian Haiku

Russian Haiku resists definition - it defies geography and structure. Bound only by its language and the internet - it finds ways to mix Russian literary tradition with Japanese style and Western logic. It is in its infancy and has yet to establish a boundary between real and imagined - self and the world. Everything is possible in this virtual thought environment. In the late ninteen nineties the Japanese Embassy in Moscow sponsored the first Russian Haiku Contest and recieved ten thousand entries. Haiku is alive and well in Russia. Personally I find there is a gentle and ephemeral quality about the Russian Haikus. Some items - transalted into English - are shown below. It would be nice if Russian members of the PH family could comment and provide some examples of their own.

train starting off
the silent rise of
separated voices

my mitten
falling in the snow

summer dress
so many flowers
on the plump girl

forgotten puppets
with loose tangled strings
so free so helpless

watching 'Nutcracker'
she eaats pistachios
from a paper bag

rain has stopped
people wih open umbrellas
don't know why we smirk

first snowflakes
I love them too much - to believe
they'll melt at noon

little girl - revolving door at GUM
not entering - not exiting
just revloving

a perfect star
in the tear of my old

first snow
walking home I draw pictures
on car roofs

brushing the snow
out of her hair - she stares
at the bridal shop window

on pink wall paper
a dog shaped shadow of my hand
theatre for one

I hope you enjoy these please write a comment and score!

(John Knight - Colchester - December 2009)

by John Knight

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