The Terror Of November 2013

North Korea staged gruesome public executions of 80 people on the 3rd of November, some for offences as minor as watching South Korean entertainment videos and/or for being found in the possession of a copy of the Bible.

Humanity shudders
Billions stand confounded
And here is regime at it again!
There is something terribly wrong here

Hitler had it,
Pol Pot too had it,
And now it`s Kim Jong Un of North Korea.
The horror returns..

We as usual assume it right..
They might have looked upwards unto the skies
Like Christ did two thousand years ago.
Though Eighty more religions cannot arise this time.

The sky had no wrath now too
No miracle was there to redeem those poor souls!
History has repeated its saga of barbarism.
What about the vacuum snaring at us?

Shattered we are, truly and as we ought to be
We the poets and readers over here
Yet again flop our wings in vain!
We are unto what phase next?

Life, you are a mystic
And you may better bounce back
And let the planet be just a colossal wreckage
Of times oblivious henceforth...

by M.D Dinesh Nair

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