Poem Hunter
( / Manila / Philippines)


The paella is thick with the sea,
Creatures of the deep
Fresh and poised warm
On the platter of our desire.
You say you cannot finish it,
Nor can I. The dish is sticky
Like the night
We two went fishing
In the café.
Splendid catch,
We both agreed: a crab
Lay in the corner waiting
For a hand to tame its claws;
Miss Octopus swished
About and wept with joy
Because her tentacles
Had lost count of the muscled
Mermaids in her midst;
Some clams came
And reeked of glistening cum
(Though a few shut their shells
Like languid eyes).
And remember the sigh
Of shrimps, spent phalluses
That have shed copious tears
In rooms filled with longing.
Before the sun could see us,
We both left, anointed by
And full of the sea
Tonight we go
Home heavy, and in kinship know:
Tomorrow will serve another catch
Of love we could never have enough,
Of victuals we simply could never love

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