Seagulls, The Yonder In Beyond

One blue, blue day
sky so vivid squint the eyes
row my skiff in heaving trys
turn a page find the sacred in sacrifice

Bonsai amongst cliffside woods
Mother watch high overhead in swoops and loops
deftly turn clouds and thunderbird did shook
roll slowing to stratosphere climb starbright shines

Dancing to an inner beat living a daring dreamt sleep
go just go, be just be, pleased Father sees
where Seagulls seek and fly
find the yonder in beyond farsight wizard eyes

Ideas and flight quick as sight
dedicated thought McCurdy and Bell's Silver Dart
heart's gumption sure flying to a distant shore
flying together blue sky streamline and soar

Practice makes perfect do transcend
Angel and i rockin' till dawn shakes the bleaks
Starlight Sister free like victory
Stalwart brother brave do be

by Bud Taylor

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