Poem By Shikha Singh

I’m longing for something, everybody longs for;
Roses between the Iron bars;
A cascade of stars in the icy lakes;
A lingering sweetness in the salty flakes.

Thorns seem sweet to me, as they are the truth;
Whence flowers standing at the top,
Appear to be mere dream booth.

The gifts that nature has provided are partially favoured;
Where dreams are sweet and reality bitterly flavoured.

Every minute drives us near to peace;
While every second tends to cease.

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You are good at thought, and words.. try to improve some more.. Liked your poem..congratulations..keep it up.. Good writing.. May a poet share the pains of a poet.. Kavi Kulwant Singh you need unicode to see my poems (in Hindi) I am adding here poemhunter...
Very nice poem, Shikha. Keep it up. Mahfooz.

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Open your life and accept change;
Its like a flower in midst fo a mountain range.
blooming and shining unconditionally;
spreading its fragrance and hue in the valley.


Deep down in the heart, there's a sound of grief;
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I’ve lost the ability to express,
Thoughts are nothing but a jumbled mess.
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Deep in the darkness,
Lightening my dreams;
Betwixt the moon,
Stars flowing in a stream.


I've lost the ability to express
Thoughts are nothing but a jumbled mess
I am surprised at how time moulds you
I am awed at how life holds you!