You Showed Me My Path

Everything is so hectic and stressfull,
without you here...
To listen and give advice,
and help me cope with everything I fear.

My hopes and dreams were promoted,
by your belief in me...
To show me the hidden ability,
no one else could see.

To be stubborn and bullheaded,
right back...
When we were,
veering off the track.

You were always there,
to lend an idea or thought...
You would always guess our emotions,
and get them right on the dot.

You were always there,
when we needed you...
And now,
that isn't true.

I need you now,
in this deesperate time...
To tell you how much,
your life affected mine.

by Cally A. Nixon

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We humans always look outside for pleasure when the real pleasure lies inside one self..just look into urself! ! Well Written! Preeti