EH (dec 29/60 / Perth NB)


My heart breaks for a love i know,

Love i had and want to have again.

Soul mates lost as if a world apart.

Sharing and caring, lovinging and laughter.

Dreams shared and talked about,

Dreams shattered and crushed.

Tender hearts broken and left to cry.

Minds tortured with thoughts of others gain.

Questions asked of how to be better.

Thougts of trust and issues ever present.

Forgiveness asked and responsibility accepted.

Feeling empty and left behind, futures uncertain.

Wanting to belong and feel love and loved.

Peace and happiness forever searched.

Close your eyes and dare to dream.

The love seeked is closer than it seems.

Around a turn, a bend goes around.

Soon you find yourself back again.

Full of love and laughter, all is possible.

The love you searched is in yourself,

Believe in yourself and always have faith,

Your strength and desire will rise to the top.

Always remember after pain comes joy.

And life worth having is sometimes a struggle.

First find peace in yourself and the rest will follow.

Believe what you believe in and always be you.

For you are beloved and your feelings matter.

Replace a tear each day with a smile and good thought.

Soon you are laughing and the world laughs with you.

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