I'm searching for a better tomorrow
One of happiness and no sorrow A tomorrow where children aren't molested and abused
Nor are the lost and confused I'm searching for a day of peace
When the killings in the streets will cease A day a mother won't have to sustain
The news that her child has been slain I'm searching for the time when hate is abolish
Through acceptance of others and the power of knowledge A time when people will be judged from within
And not by the color of their skin I'm searching for a world free of sickness and wars
With no need for cures and no battle scars A world nestled in sunsets and clover
Cultivating love and goodness all over I'm searching for a kingdom way up high
Where billowing clouds lay side by side A kingdom that promises everlasting life
Full of love and forgiveness and void of strife I'm searching for the tomorrow that will come one day
The time when the world succumbs to the kingdom and not to its decay

by Linda Marie Tyler

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