I’m searching for that one true love,
Can you help me find it please?
I’m searching for the one,
Who can bring me to my knees.

I’m searching for the one,
Who holds the key to my heart,
The one who feels so close to me,
We’re never truly apart.

I’m searching for the one I need,
To help me in my life,
The one who sees me for who I am,
Not simply just their wife.

I’m searching for the one,
Who knows just what to do,
He answers me when I need Him,
But knows silence is important too.

I’m searching for my one true love,
To get me through the day,
To help me when things are rough,
For this true love I pray.

But hold on now,
What is that?
In prayer I’ll find Him there?
He’s always been there all this time,
And He really cares?

Who is this true love that I’ve found,
Who calls himself Allah?
Who holds the secrets to my heart,
Who’s never very far.

Can it be that this is,
The one true love I seek?
Who makes me feel strong,
And at the same time weak?

Can my love for Him
Sustain me throughout my life?
Give me comfort in the dark times,
And bring me into light?

Is this all I’ve really needed,
All these years gone by?
I shouldn’t waste any further time,
When I have Allah most High!

I needn’t worry any more,
Nor cry a single tear,
For every time that I need Him,
Truly He’s very near.

And so I’ll end my search right here,
I’ll look ahead and pray,
With my one true love Allah,
And be safe on Judgment Day.

by Aisha Sherazi

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