EH (dec 29/60 / Perth NB)

Searching, Always Searching

I'm searching for bright sunny days

Days filled with happiness and love.

Memories fondly remembered, and loved.

Times when i laughed and enjoyed simple things.

Sharing every day happenings good and bad.

The feeling of love and being loved, of belonging.

I stare at the horizon and wonder where its gone.

The days are short and the darkness seems long.

My soul i search in the quest for yesterday.

For answers i can't seem to find where ever i look.

Dark clouds surround me and my thoughts blacken.

A ray of sun would surely be welcomed as hope.

Hope of finding the reason for my torture and pain.

Forgiveness i have given and asked for.

Feeling alone and empty and pushed away.

I stare into the heavens and scream out to be heard.

Demanding answers and wanting prayers answered.

Soon the sky breaks into dawn, and the sun rises.

Crimson and golden with beautiful blue skys.

A rainbow stretches from one side to the other.

A promise of a better day and the dark clouds gone.

My mind begins to clear now knowing things get easier.

Each day brings new hope of understanding.

Knowing i can be strong and have reason and purpose.

For i am a child of Gods and always beloved.

He'll take my hand and walk with me until i'm strong.

One day my heart will be filled with love and laughter again.

The days will get longer and the sun will shine brighter.

Always assured that things do get better..starting today!

For my friend, always remember..have faith.

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