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Searching For Rosa Rio
(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Searching For Rosa Rio

Poem By Marilyn Lott

Was she a myth or was she a real person?
No one we met knew for sure
We heard stories of a beautiful lady
And wondered if it could be her

Rosa Rio lived long ago it seems
Not much about her was known
But a romantic creature of importance
Men always placed her up on a throne

And yet, we’re not sure if they saw her
Was it all in their imagination and dreams?
Too beautiful and too evasive to capture
For no one had really spoken to her it seems

We heard she had lived up on a mountain
Wore long dresses of silk and of lace
But when we tried to pin down her home
Never could we find one certain place

We searched and searched on that mountain
We asked the oldest person who lived there
Oh yes, since a boy he’d heard of Rosa
This lady so sweet and so fair

We found we weren’t the only ones looking
We heard that men of all ages for years
Searched for the maiden so lovely
She was said to bring grown men to tears!

So please, if you ever find for certain
Where Rosa Rio lived let us know
Perhaps someday we’ll find a picture
Of the lady that captured men’s hearts so!

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