Searching For Salvation

I'm searching for Salvation
Have you seen it lately?
The saving from difficulty, danger, and evil
I don't think it's here with us anymore
Because our World is in turmoil here
Greed, jealousy, anger, rage, and war
That's all there is now
Enveloping this country in fear
No more kindness, caring, no more honesty
It's all about the ultimate reign

Politicians, Wall Street, and Oil Tycoons
Depicting what they think is fair
Power and Greed no matter what the cost
Not caring about the the people hurting financially
Or about the human loss
Terrorism, hatred, racism, and murder
Soaring gas prices, cost of oil by the barrel
Reaching ridiculous $ amounts
Rules the day to day
Inflation from the domino effect
No more being able to afford to live
Recession has come to our land

What was once a great Country
Is all but lost as far as the eye can see
They've even found ways to destroy our personal freedom
and take away our Liberty

Salvation also used to feed the Family vein
But now even that isn't the same
Selfishness has taken over
The so called Family unit
Has taken a back seat to a new reality Fame
People are too busy to care
Shoving off what should be
Personal and quality time, with loved ones
For endless hours of work and shallow financial gain

Have you seen Salvation?
I'm not sure it exists any more
Even in religion it's hardly there
TV has capitalized on wealth for Evangelists
Making the message less sincere
Gloating in their power to capitalize on poor people's money
Raking in billions for their own enterprise
Not caring to share
Catholic Priests preying on innocent youth
Murdering the hopes and dreams of children forever
Satisfying their own needs without shame

Does Salvation still exist?
I really hope so
For if it has truly left
And there's no one left to care
To save us from the darkness that lies ahead
Then it won't matter anymore
Because those who have carelessly thrown it away
Will have succeeded in destroying
Everything we hold dear

by Stephanie J. DeMartino

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Excellent point of view of the events unfolding today. Thank you for sharing.
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