Searching Happiness

Occupational happiness

Having traversed this continent
over so many decades and years
I feel happiness
is a consequence of some important things

its food, clothing and money
brings in happiness to many

as teens grow up
to become young gentlemen and women
Sex is the longing

initially it was love of mommy and siblings,
If any
later replaced by pets

in the long run of life
work aside
a hobby is must to pass
most of the blank time

so music, jazz and games
and so on
as the agedmind's
needs occupation

early retirement
for other than actors and politicians
is a curse
what is worse

no creativity
no productivity
no outlet of excessive energy

so keep your mind
preoccupied with laps…..

well now not those
young ones
not even wifey will
but laps top

if you don't have one
buy will you
then alone happiness
will surround you

to sum all up
happiness is

sex and real honey

till you have a feeling funny
about the places you had explored
not once
but times many, many more
says Poet me

by me poet yeps poet

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A THOUGHT AT THE SCIENTIST'S DEATH.. AT 104 YEARS OF AGE Even I am thinking many times i have composed poems on EUTHANASIA but it's time when one is of no use to search with in one's corners why just live to eat and be a lump of you know what even horses and dogs are privileged why not human t die in dignity let euthanasia live and don't equate it with suicide man has some pride