Season Of Change

There is a wistfulness in the breeze
That caresses my hair
And the warmth of the autumn sun
Stirs a longing in my soul -
Where did the time go?

I recall days of endless wonder
Never at a loss for adventure
Experience filled my days
With joy and sorrow -
I never thought it would end;

Now I treasure every moment
Holding them close to my heart
Making deep impressions
To last me through the winter
For spring may never come;

And you will be the one thought
That will carry me through the night
Stay close, my love,
Whisper soft and sweet
The words I'll always remember.

by Linda Ori

Comments (6)

No matter how intensely we live the moment, time slips away much too fast. You capture that sense of time too soon gone to perfection in these bittersweet poetic lines. Great writing Linda. xx jim
This is so sweet, a beautiful write.
As Declan says. Simply divine. The perfect piece, L. t x
MIDNIGHT...Great title, bettter Poem...flows quite smoothly, and th' content smacks of fine imegery and accepted change, which I for one am still trying to get a handle on...Solid Write, young lady'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''FRANK/FJR
Yes, I agree. Even if someone could find fault with any part of this I wouldn't care. It speaks to me and from me. H
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