258. ethical Values Supreme


As achild I was toldboth myelders and teachers, honesty is the best policy.
But the rich and well off they followthis policy more in breach than in compliance
without exception world over! !
World says equality is the birth right of every individual buteven nature does
not believe in equality.we are born free but not equal.
Equal opportunity yes, not equality sinceno two persons are equal even
if born to same parents.

Those who fight for equality are frauds.Theyjustuseditas coverto fool
the ruled to perpetuate themselves in power.All political system's sole aim
is toseize power and wieldlever of power; be it democracy, dictatorship,
oligarchy, communism or monarchy.

Ethic being the foundation of edifice ofall human enterprises, required to be
internalised and institutionalized as our core values as guarantee forethical
conducts in all walk of lives.Failure means chaos, anarchy and corruption of
unprecedentedscalesand rules of might is right.

Ethical conducts is supreme and saviour of human society; unlikelegal
compliance. Ethical conduct isself -inspiredwhereas legalcompliance
is externally imposed.! !

Ethical conductsfacilities legal compliancebeing core human values.
Thegenesisofcurrent degradationin values in all walks of lives in
societieslie in the decaying ethical values in vogue, as reflected in never
before bank scams,all time high NPA cases, crime against womanand
children and radicalisation of society for votes politics.

Solution lies in inculcation of ethical valuesbeginning with home,
educational institutions andwork places other wise the demon of
To cap it all, the all time high percentage of criminal among
law makers in the country is asadcommentary on our
national character, no wonderin democracy we get
thegovernment we deserve! !

Corruption will remain omnipotent in all walk of our lives with dire
consequences for the nation.

by mamutty CHOLA

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Nice. A little fuzzy-wuzzy in my opinion. I'd love to see what happens when you break out of a rigid rhyme scheme.