(1950 / )

Season Of Youth

Hair thinned and greyed,
From all those years of enlightment;
Experienced along a journeyed
Path of fervent commitment;

To adventure in a vast unknowing
Field, of undulating levels;
Grassy mounds, and parch browning
Valleys, where wilted daisies

Await the rains again;
For seasons come, and they go;
Hot sunny days, and then the rain;
In vibrant torrents returns to

Cool, enliven, and soothe broken
Heart and tired mind;
But what of aged ones, unspoken
Of, will they ever find

A fountain so empowering that
Gives them back their season of youth?

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Alas! everyone is seeking and wanting to bring back the season of youth, but in vain. As they say, two things never return - the words spoken and time. Nice work. I like it.