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Seasonal Visitors

First old man winter comes to us wearing a great coat of white
He brings with him ice and cold and blizzards in the night

We are all taken back by his cold storms of snow
And so very soon we are praying for him to go

Next spring dances in with her green coat laced with flowers
And we welcome her by embracing all the scents that she showers

As she begins to get warmer we realize she can not stay
But she reminds us she has been here all of April and May

It is a hot muggy day when Miss Summer finally arrives
And we are sure we want her to stay the rest of our lives

We enjoy the sun and fun but we complain about her humid air
And when she is ready to leave in August we think it is unfair

Now as God's paint brush colors the way in for Mr. Fall
We enjoy the crisp air as we look at the colors in awe

The leaves float away as Mr. Fall tells us he must go
But he is sure that our next visitor will take over the show

So you see God has given us the very best reasons
To welcome our visitors season by season

by Nancy A. Waters

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Estonko Nancy i read this one again, still impressive, Osceola.
Estonko, how are you un-hessi my friend, you are so sad, be happy, your writting is very touching Osceola