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Poem By Chris Hernandez

Under the gleaming sun of summer she was here..
Then with the sight of the dying autumn tress she was gone.
Leaving me to wonder on everything done wrong..

the leaves of the saddened trees are growing old..
gracefully falling down embracing their fall..
watching them theres no sound in my desolate mind nothing at all..

silence on this cold October night..
i want to put her out of her misery out of this fight....

confusion overwhelms her and she cant find who i am..
a delusional tragedy crying on command..

my heart was always as cold and as black as the coming winter...
slowly stressed and deteriorating until its completely splintered...

everything ive said all mistakes done.i must end this..
ignore the conscious pleads and my anguish.. she wont be missed...

her grandeur
my disaster
that angel face
this bloody waste

what seemed like blissfulness is now a taunting, tantalizing plead to not let her go its limmerence..
young and delusional simple innocence..

look around one last time the leafless trees are dead..
cold chill runs up my spine as these last sorrowful lines are read..

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