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Seasons Can Be Painful
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Seasons Can Be Painful

Winter...a season of freezing and despair,
Frozen flakes or a chill is always in the air.
Heavy jackets, gloves, hats, and shovels,
A season rarely used in writer's novels.
Dangerous and beautiful in so many ways,
It containing many of the gift giving days.

Spring...a season of warmth and beauty,
Not a single person that is extremely snooty.
Depression comes and goes just like the rain,
A season you sometimes wish to put in a frame.
Filled with 'love' and many blooming flowers,
Sometimes heartbreaks easily fading in a hour.

Summer...a season of extremely hot days,
Many boats seen traveling through the bays.
A perfect season for swimming and a tan,
Still perfection will never be in this season's can.
Many days off and away from the school,
Giving us time to swim in our swimming pool.

Fall...a season filled with dieing leaves,
All the bugs gone, even the buzzing bees.
Chilly winds and barely warm weather haunts,
Leaving us in it's very strong and dark taunts.
Colors of gray seeming to appear in ones head,
Wishing for time to have a very large bend.

(© 3/26/04)

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wow. this piece is hit-and miss. you use some clever imagery and wording in one line, then fall back onto trite and bland cliches in the next. i see a great deal of potential here. i mean all of these comments with the intent to encourage you. you're on the right track. sincerely, Jake