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Seasons Of My Heart
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Seasons Of My Heart

Observing the world
around me today,
I realize our love
is in its fourth season.
I knew I loved you
in the autumn past.
Then soon,
golden colors gave way to
cooler winter skies.
I could feel your
clear blue angel-eyes
looking down at me
from the heaven of my dreams
watching our love grow
through the barren limbs
of winter.
In spring, the sap
began to rise
as you struggled,
tried to deny out love.
The days without
your coveted words
consumed my joy,
my reason for being,
until the heat of summer
wore you down and finally,
the world became a perfect place
with the consummation of us.
Our world has changed
in quite amazing ways.
Somewhere there is a child
who now breathes and
was not even conceived
when our love was born,
and likewise,
there is new beauty
for the world to behold
from tiny seeds harvested
back at a time
when I first realized
I love you.

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