CT (8/25/93 / Buffalo, New york)

Seasons: Spring (C) 10-3-2010

Dawn has broken and the sun springs forth out of the darkness
Illuminating all who’s faces it’s shine
The day carries possibilities and opportunities
An endless supply of promise that visualizes in everyone’s mind
A destiny for all of nature,
Including the blossoming flowers
And it may not be perfect
But things still will sprout due to April showers
And gracefully each of the flowers will close in at night
Withholding its beauty from the darkness that initially dismisses potential
Only to capture its beauty to reflect amongst itself
And radiate more color than the eye can distinguish visually and mental
And through its scent the bees shall spread its mirth
Mystifying the grass that has never witnessed such hue of imagination
Subsequently seeds will grow into other forms of plant life
Sowing the deep mystery of a special infatuation

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