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Second Chance
MB Moon beam (February 4,1989 / )

Second Chance

why dose it hurt to look and see you happy
all I want is for you to happy
I cant believe I almost ruined it all the second chance I want so bad I feel will never happened,
when the salty tears fall from my swollen eyes who have looked into your eyes so many times
and when my shattered heart beats for you and only you it feels like there is a knife driven straight through my back
it hurts to bad to see you with her
I know I should be happy for you
all I want is your friendship
but I ruined it all
three times
too many for another chance........?
was it really my fault,
thinking back to that day
the blame was shared equally...... or was it
was it not you who kissed me
why am i beating my self up
how can you go one with this life
knowing you are destroying mine?
i have nothing left,
no one to love,
no one to hold,
no one to save me from myself,
no one to tell me that everything will be ok
but it probably wont be
because I don’t have you
I will never have you again
I love to hold your hand
have you kiss me
never again
all I want is my best friend back
all I want is a second chance.
I wish you still loved me
All I want is a second chance

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