ND (october 30,1989 / )

Second Chance

The first contestant comes to me
With lost of grief and misery
He said for me to come and find
The one mistake that’s in his mind

The one thing that was really wrong
The thing that had gone on this long
The thing that he couldn’t see
No one else, only me

“why me? ” I said “ I’m not the best
I can’t put this thing to rest.”
“yes you can because you care
with your poems that you share

with lots of people you do not know
the surprise is the thing they show
please teach me how to be like you
show me all the things you do

show me how to read a heart
and teach me how to throw a dart
tell me how to feel the soul
and teach me how you meet your goal.”

After what he said to me
I promise I would try to see
The way people try to dance
And how some get a second chance.

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Wow Nicole, What an interesting composure you have created here through your blooming talent as I was drawn into this piece by the title and now glad I was as you are an awesome poet. I want to Thank You for sharing your shining gift of poetic words with all of us and especially for giving us a little of your very creative personality. As I now must part I have a small request to ask of you. I can only hope that you may never decide or consider placing your poetic pen down as you and your wonderful words of poetry would be dearly missed causing many to bear a frown. Your Friend, Mickey Pig Knuckles :)